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Enable voice, video and text communications betwee your website or social media pages and your call center! Click2WebChat offers a family of multi media communications services that integrate the Internet with globally distributed customer service work groups and call centers. These services enable voice, video, text and chat to be sent to the 'next available customer service representative'. Your representatives may be logged in from anywhere on the globe with nothing more than an internet conneciton and a computer with headset and camera! Click2WebChat can be your call center or work with your existing call center to provide seamless voice / video / text communications with an increasingy smartphone centric customer base.

About Us

Click2WebChat.com is a cloud based internet portal operated by DrVoIP.com, a technical support and VoIP engineering group offering custom telephony based software development applications optimized for call center applcations. As call center experts, DrVoIP has created text messaging solutions for 100's of CISCO UCCX / UCCE and ShoreTel (MITEL) Enterprise Call Centers. Rather than continue to build a one off for each new call center, we have productize our text and webRTC code as a cloud base set of customer service solutions under the sales mark "Click2WebChat". DrVoIP is a Certified AWS Soluitons Architect, Developer and SysOp Administrator building full stack solutions using Twilio, AWS and Nodejs.

Click2WebChat Services

Campaign Manager Dashboard

Each account "campaign manager" has a dashboad to create, configure and manage services. The portal allows the creation of new campaigns (i.e. services); the purchase of phone numbers; the creation of "keywords", the definition of "auto responders" for off hour message handling and the abiity to search and review message archive logs.


A campaign of of this type creates a "virtual call center" in which agents, using a computer with headset and and optional camera, login to the portal to take Voice, Video, SMS or Chat requests. Voice and SMS calls may be directly dialed and will be answered by the "next available agent" through the internet browser on their computer. Video and Chat calls may be initiated by a link that can be clicked on a website, social media page or Kiosk.


This service creates a webpage or "link" and embedded code that can be placed on a website or in an email signature. When clicked a prompt to enter a phone number will be displayed. The portal will then call a pre-programmed phone number, usually your call center and when the agent is online, will place a voice call to the number entered for call back. Phone calls can optionally be recorded and saved to the log file. The campaign has a programable "auto repsonder" to send back a prompt if no staff is available (off hours message handling).


This service enables an incoming smartphone message to be converted and forward to an email address that matches the incoming "keyword". The email receipient can reply and the response will be converted back to text and forward to the smartphone receipient. All conversations are logged with a unique ticket number for archive and review.


This service enables "keyword" matching to build lists of opt in smartphone subscribers. Select a number and create a "keyword" that will route the CID of an incoming text message to a opt in list that matches that keyword. For example, send the word "DEMO" to 42834804000 and you will recieve an update on how to setup your Click2WebChat demo account.

Our Basic Service Plans

750 +Message Units

adds 750 message units

$9 per month

SMS Only Package

Includes one number and 750 message units

$19 per month, per number

Call Center Plan

All SMS Only + Click2Call Virtual Call Center + 5 Agents $40 per month, per number

Email us to create a customized plan.


Take a minute and see how others have used text messaging to enhance their marketing & communications. We hope this helps you find some great inspiration.

Denny's uses SMS to run in-store coupons for their customers. In turn, building a marketing database.

Services Used: Text Messaging, Keywords

Whole Foods uses SMS for in-store promotions, information and alerts.

Services Used: Text Messaging, Keywords

Lego uses the SMS to gather instant feedback from their customers.

Services Used: Text Messaging, Keywords

Visual Health Care and New Patient Introductions using Video Chat.

Services Used: Click2WebChat, Keywords

Increase Personal Trust in Financial Service engagements.

Services Used: Click2WebChat, Keywords

Let Tech Support see what your customers see.

Services Used: Click2WebChat, Keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

User Guide - Portal Overview+
User Guide - Setting up SMS2Email+
User Guide - Setting up SMS2List+
User Guide - Configuring Click2CallBack+
User Guide - Configuring Click2WebChat+
Demo of Click2WebChat+
What is Priority Members Services+

Priority Member Services is the domain from which the "click2webchat" services are built out by DrVoIP. The domain name was chosen to be a generic email FROM field when ever the service requires that an email be sent!

What is DrVoIP+

DrVoIP is the entity behind the Priority Member Services portal, the owner of "Click2WebChat" and the billing entity for all services paid by Credit Card.

What Browsers are supported?+

In the call center model, a CHROME or FIREFOX browser is required. WebRTC, the core functionality of the service, is supported by these browsers. Microsoft IE and Apple Safari use a non standard format at this time and have not yet published their WebRTC models.

Contact Us

To arrange a Free trial account text the keyword "DEMO" to 424-348-4000 or email Support@Click2WebChat.com.

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Rseller & Partner Notes:
Click2WebChat is organized to support a reseller model. Each Campaign Manager is able to setup subaccounts and manage their own reseller price list. Contact DrVoIP@DrVoIP.com for details.